"Time is more valuable than money. 
You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."
- Jim Rohn

Welcome to the Retirement Committee Home Page

Retirement- There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want

The KCSD Retirement Committee has designed this page to assist employees and retirees with access to important information; especially, since we no longer have at-home access to our emails. 


Summary Annual Report

Our annual audit is complete. Watkins Ross has provided us with this summary. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Summary Annual Report 01/01/2022- 12/31/2022

New Managed Account Option

The retirement committee has elected to offer you the ability to utilize a managed account option through John Hancock for you main MPP account (employer contributions). The equivalent in Nationwide is known as the "ProAccount".  Scott Higgins will remain with us and assist as normal. This new option (if elected by you, for your account), allows you to have John Hancock and Morningstar manage your account for a fee. 

Managed Account Fee Information

What is a 401(a) plan?

Main Retirement Account (John Hancock)


Government agencies, non-profits, etc normally offer a 401(a) plan. Depending on your hire date, the County contributes either 10% or 16% of your Gross Pay into your John Hancock account each pay period. 

You default into a "Balanced Fund" which is a particular set of funds designed by John Hancock which isn't too aggressive and isn't too conservative. We highly recommend meeting with Scott Higgins to see if there is a better plan for your goals and your age. 

What is a 457(b)

Deferred Comp (John Hancock or Nationwide)


This type of account is optional; you must sign up and register for an account. 

YOU contribute whatever amount you want. The funds are deducted from your paycheck PRE-Tax.

There are 2 types of deferred comp accounts available for you. Choose one. 

1. The John Hancock account is ONLY for Sheriff's Office employees. Your retirement committee oversees this plan with Scott Higgins, similar to the main account.
2. The Nationwide account is for ALL County employees. This plan is managed by the County and the retirement committee has no input or oversight over this plan. 

Scott Higgins 
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